Learning from the 2023 Rugby World Cup Bids: Lessons for Businesses of all Sizes

Learning from the 2023 Rugby World Cup Bids: Lessons for Businesses of all Sizes

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Three nations have submitted their 2023 Rugby World Cup Bids. The tenders of France, Ireland and South Africa, as you would expect are all high quality and quite brilliantly draw out the key benefits and what makes their proposition unique. Via this blog the Winning Tenders Academy will introduce a series of articles that will draw out the lessons for businesses and how to adopt some of the tactics in to you own tenders – from the sole trader to the large corporate organisation.

This will include how Ireland overcome a seemingly large challenge in terms of stadia capacity and South Africa deal very strongly with buyer risk. The lessons will help businesses to understand what makes the bids great tenders and specifically how you can engage the approaches and techniques to write better tenders for your business.

Check here for this series.

For templates, hints and tips on how write powerful tenders please click here.

About Winning Tenders Academy

The Winning Tenders Academy was created to meet a specific need around supporting businesses in developing powerful tenders and winning work though tendering for public and private sector contracts. This is increasingly important for businesses but for many it remains challenging, difficult with many not knowing where to begin. The Winning Tenders Academy was created with the following mission:

The Winning Tenders Academy supports businesses of all sizes and all types to develop tenders that can repeatedly succeed and help the business to sustain and grow.

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