Training Tender Template

Training Tender Template

Consultancy Tender Template

The Winning Tenders Academy have introduced a highly versatile, high quality, intelligent training tender template with step-by-step guidance and insights on how to develop this document into a powerful training professional services tender for your business. This provides a high quality standard, structure, look, and style similar to the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms. In other words this provides a fully reusable consultancy and training tender template for a ‘one-off’ price that you can use over and over again to develop professional tender documents that are to the standard of the global ‘Big Four’ professional services companies. More than this though this consultancy and training tender template works and Winning Tenders Academy receive a lot of feedback from firms, sole traders and third sector organisations who have told us that this template has supported them in winning public and private tenders – often for the first time. The template is ideal for public sector consultancy and training including towards contracts in central and local government, arms length bodies and local enterprise offices.

The guidance in the template walks you through, step by step, the process of how to turn this document in to a living, powerful tender ready for submission. This can simply be adjusted each time you need to submit a tender, meaning your tenders are consistently developed to a high professional standard.

The template is perfect for professional services in areas such as consultancy, advisory, training, financial services, recruitment, legal among many others. Click here to gain access and good luck for future tendering.

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