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The Winning Tenders Academy provides everything that businesses and the community sector need to write winning tenders. This includes a blend of paid for and FREE products that provide the foundation for powerful bid writing. Most importantly this support works and we have an increasing list of users who have used our products to write successful tenders.

While not an exclusive list the products and services of the Winning Tenders Academy include:

Tender Model Answer: a complete and previously successful tender model response with guidance and tips on how to develop this winning tender into an authoritative tender for your business.

“Big Four” Tender Template: an intelligent tender template with guidance and tips on how to develop this document into a stunning tender for your business that is to a standard, layout, structure and style similar to the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms.

Tender Template: An intelligent tender template with guidance and tips on how to develop this document into a powerful tender for your business.

Various template responses to challenging and typical questions on tendering: including template responses to specific questions on –

  • Sustainability; sustainable development; sustainable and green procurement and social value.
  • Health and safety required for professional services firms – increasingly requested on certain types of tender.

Access to thousands of tender opportunities to your inbox – absolutely FREE: a service that is typically charged at between £30 (€40) and £120 (€160) per month depending on the size of your business.

FREE tips and techniques on how to develop successful tenders: designed to challenge the way you and your business write tenders.

FREE Tendering Tools: including a tender database tool – a simple yet highly effective tool that can be used to manage a business’s approach to writing winning tenders. This includes identification and recording of key information on –

  • The types of opportunities that go to tender and the frequency of those opportunities; helping your business to develop its thinking on products and services;
  • The potential clients that tender for work relevant to your business;
  • Going rates and prices – supporting your approach to pricing;
  • Competitors and potential partners.

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