Accounting Tender Template: Big Four Professional Services Financial Proposal

New for 2021: Big Four Professional Services Accounting Tender Template for Financial Services

Winning Tenders Academy have launched a new product designed to support the development of professional tenders; proposals and bids for accountancy and financial services professionals. The Accounting Tender Template is designed to achieve a level of quality, look and structure, delivered by the Big Four accounting and financial services firms. This is specifically focused on accounting and financial services and is ideal for businesses linked to: accountancy, financial advisory; audit; financial services and products; tax advisory; assurance; corporate finance among others. The template includes commentary on how to develop this document into a powerful proposal or bid template; designed to help you win work including contracts.

In simple terms, you follow the guidance to develop this template into a powerful tender for your business that will be to the standard of a Big Four accounting and financial services firm. The document is designed to be edited and repeatedly reused; so that you can adopt it as the foundation for your own powerful tenders, proposals and bids. This is ideal for a wide range of businesses from sole proprietors such as accountants, auditors and advisors through to large corporate firms.

Accounting and Financial Services Tender Template

For more information on the accountancy tender template, please click here.

In simple terms, this gives businesses the opportunity to transform their tenders, to compete with the large scale brand names and develop powerful tenders every time. These templates have made a significant difference for those firms who have used them – helping them to win contracts and new works and giving them the confidence the compete and win new work.