Coming Soon: A Free Tender Alert Service

The Winning Tenders Academy are about to launch a Free Tender Alert Service that would give your business access to direct, regular contract opportunities in the UK and Ireland. This means thousands of tender opportunities, right to your inbox. Including those from: • National Government Departments and thousands of Arms Length Bodies; • Regional and Local Government including Councils; • Government Procurement centres; • Private sector businesses; • Educational organisations including schools and colleges; • Health authorities including hospitals and primary care; • Criminal Justice organisations; • State Industries and public utilities. The Free tender alert service will also allow you to identify tender opportunities throughout the UK and/or Ireland, as well as allowing a focus on the devolved administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can sign-up for free here. How it will Work in 3 Simple Steps Gain access to this Free Tender Alert Service through 3 simple steps: 1. Sign-up with contact details at – no intrusive requests for information and no looking for credit care details; 2. We will send you our easy-to-use tender opportunity database; 3. Easily search and identify tender opportunities relevant to your business. It’s that simple – yet access to this vital information is often charged at between £500 (€690) and £1,500 (€2,070) per year. We currently offer this service free of charge. Will it Always Be Free? We plan to offer this service as a sustainable resource for businesses throughout the UK and Ireland and envisage further down the line proposing a small administration charge. But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like that being offered by the existing suppliers. This will be an initially free and long-term low cost approach to accessing tendering opportunities throughout the UK and Ireland. Best wishes. Ian McKay Winning Tenders Academy