Costing Template – New for 2023

Costing Template: A Tool for Developing the Price of Your Project

Developing the right price is key to profitability of a project – for anyone in professional services – consultants, advisors, financial services, construction, legal and wider. Often businesses don’t get this right; don’t know where to start with pricing or put something together that doesn’t look professional. This template offers a powerful and simple costing template to support the pricing of work. The Winning Tenders Academy have developed a professional costing template is an easy to complete and follow costing template and pricing framework (including examples that you can follow) to support you in pricing each of your projects independently. It helps you set and get the right price, every time. It also provides for a transparent breakdown that can be included in proposals and tenders. Everyone on the project including specialists can have clarity on what their role is and how much their fee will be.

It also offers a highly polished and professional look and feel that will give clients and potential clients confidence in terms of the anticipated quality of the consultancy that will be provided. Further, it can be used by sole-traders through to large professional services firms – from project teams consisting of one Consultant through to large multidisciplinary teams.

More than this though, it provides an easy to follow framework that leads to the systematic pricing of consulting and wider professional services projects. As such this is a essential tool for Management and Business Consultants; Project Managers; Accountants; Financial Advisers; Lawyers; Economists; Auditors; Coaches; Facilitators among others. Please click here for more details.