UK Procurement Guidance: A Great Resource for Your Businesses

Latest UK Procurement Guidance: a Great Resource for Businesses of All Sizes and Sectors

The latest UK Procurement Guidance provides very good information firms within and external to the UK.  The latest edition of the guidance is designed to offer good practice procurement guidelines for public sector organisations. However the UK Procurement Guidance is excellent at providing the other side of the tendering coin, including communicating how good practice procurement should work (see our Jargon Buster). Critically, it offers an excellent perspective on how businesses can align their tender to fully comply with the UK Procurement Guidance, requirements and standards. So while the UK Procurement Guidance is designed as a toolkit for buyers; it has considerable benefit for those wishing to win work from public funded organisations in the UK.

The UK Procurement Guidance sets out helpful information including:

  • legal requirements including the UK and EU legislation framework.
  • the emphasis on value for money.
  • how certain types of services should be purchased centrally including many professional services such as: advertising, marketing and communications; technology; digital service delivery; consultancy, training and facilities management.
  • Emphasis on outcome based request for tenders – in other words not over specifying the requirement.
  • the importance of prompt payment for products and services.
  • Emphasis on economic and social benefits such as: Supporting apprenticeships and skills through public procurement
  • transparency and open procurement and standards.
  • Common minimum standards – which is relevant to firms in terms of organising themselves to meet pass/fail requirements.

To access the latest UK Procurement Guidance please click here.

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