Project Report Template


A Project Report Template with an easy-to-follow structure; tips and hints on how to develop a solid, professional report. This delivers guidance and confidence to report writers – including business leaders, project managers, project team members; or those developing a college or university report. Can be used again and again as a sustainable, professional resource.


Project Report Template

This Project Report Template is designed to help you/ your project to structure and develop professional project reports. This includes projects across a wide range of sectors and whether the project is for or within an organisation; linked to research or change; in support of academic study or any other project type. The template offers a professional looking project report with a structure that you can easily follow and adapt to develop a highly impactful report. This includes a structure to follow; tips and hints on how to develop a solid, professional report. As such, this template is designed to give direction and confidence to project team: members; leaders; and managers; or those working on their own; that they are producing a high-quality report.

Getting the Project Report to reflect the quality and hard work of your project can be one of the most challenging aspects of the Project. When working on projects you will both apply and learn a wide range of skills and this template will help you build the skills of report writing and to develop reports for your project work going forward. It is designed to take the pain out of project report writing, something that even the most experienced Project Managers can struggle with. On projects, the Project Report is often the legacy of the project and how you can make your biggest difference. As such it needs to be rigorous and robust to criticism. The Project Report is also a reflection of you and your project, so it is essential to get it right. This template is designed to help you develop a simple-to-write, professional report, supported by tips, hints and suggested wording to help you develop a report that flows and reads professionally.

Benefits: 1

Will guide you and your project on the development of a high-quality report with guidance, hints, and suggested report wording.

Benefits: 2

Will take you on an easy-to-follow journey to develop a robust, high quality and professional project report.

Benefits: 3

Is sustainable – can be reused repeatedly on future projects.

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