‘Big Four’ Professional Services Tender Example and Template


An Intelligent Tender Template with Guidance and Tips on how to Develop this Document into a Stunning Tender for your Business that is to a Standard, Layout, Structure and Style Similar to the ‘Big Four’ Professional Services Firms


Tender Example and Template

Own, Adapt and Develop a Winning Tender Example into Your Own Powerful Tender

We support businesses and the community sector on tendering through provision of high quality, professional, completed tender example documents that demonstrate what an expert tender looks, feels and reads like.

Each tender example includes commentary as to what makes the example a powerful tender response and guidance, tips and hints as to how you can develop the model answer into a powerful tender for your business – whatever your sector or industry.

The model answer is designed to be edited so that you can use it as the foundation to develop your own powerful tenders.

As such it doesn’t matter if the tender example/ model answer is in a very different sector or for a very different product or service – the guidance will help you to develop the tender example document so that it becomes your tender and the benchmark for your future tendering – a sustainable tendering resource.

Product Information

This is a fully developed and highly professional tender document that is designed to be relevant to a wide range of business types and different industries.

The response includes commentary on why the tender was powerful and specific advice, tips and suggestions to guide any business (including completely different business types) on how to use and develop the model answer as a template for the design of their own powerful tender documents.

As such it doesn’t matter what business you are – this tender model answer provides you with the highest standard of tendering excellence and provides you with guidance, tips and hints so that you can edit this document and develop your own powerful tenders.

The tender is for a professional services contract including management consultancy and design team (construction) but can be applied to any business type – particularly service based providers. This is an actual successful tendering example with the names of organisations changed so as to ensure confidentiality.