UK Tender Opportunities: Access to Govt Tenders

UK Tender Opportunities: Get Access to Public Sector Tenders

UK Tender Opportunities

One of the challenges for businesses of all sizes, but particularly smaller businesses, is how to get access to tender opportunities including UK tender opportunities. The biggest central gateway for UK tender opportunities is Contracts Finder. Contracts Finder* is a Gov.UK website that lets interested firms search for information about public sector contracts worth over £10,000. In particular, this includes UK tender opportunities with government departments, their agencies and other public sector organisations. Contracts Finder can be used by businesses of all sizes to source and access thousands of opportunities that are offered right across the public sector. Firms can use Contracts Finder to:

  • search for UK tender opportunities in different sectors – get access to opportunities that you can bid for.
  • find out what’s coming up in the future – get access to information on potential future UK tender opportunities; meaning you can gear up your business to meet future opportunities.
  • look up details of previous tenders and contracts – mean you can gain access to information on the types of opportunities and going rates in terms of price. A great tool to help your business collect and analyse this data – completely free – can be found here.

The website also allows you to search for UK tender opportunities by all locations; a specific region or post code. It is very easy to create an account to get email updates and save searches. Or you can search and apply for contracts without an account. If you are interested in contracts of different sizes available below this £10k threshold in the UK; in the devolved administrations across the UK; Ireland and wider EU please click here.

For support on writing powerful tenders and the tools to develop a sustainable tendering resource in your business try the Winning Tenders Academy. This website receives excellent reviews and provides free resources and for just a few pounds or euros can give you the tendering toolkit to consistently win tenders.

Please click here for more information and good luck for future tendering.

*Source: Contracts Finder is provided by