New Product: Consortium Agreement Example and Template

New Product for Summer 2023: Consortium Agreement Actual Example and Simple Template

Consortium Agreement – Example and Template

Businesses come together for many reasons: to deliver a piece of work or project: when cooperating on work; when considering tendering together (a consortium or consortia tender) for a contract; or having been successful on a tender, framework or other form of contract; or to form a joint venture – among others. A consortium agreement provides clarity between two or more parties who agree to cooperate on the relevant project, contract or venture.

This is a highly effective, though very simple, actual example of a consortium agreement between two professional services firms. It presents a simple documented approach on how the project and contract would be managed. It sets out the requirements of each firm such as the roles and responsibilities, quality management processes and arrangements for payment (among others). It is an actual example that provided a simple way of ensuring the parties involved worked together and completed the project – without need for a complex legal arrangement.

Simple but highly effective this model consortium agreement can easily be followed and applied to any set of businesses or wider set of parties.

Typical uses include when:

– Simply joining up with another party to deliver an agreed piece of work.

– Two or more parties are about to tender for a public or private sector contract.

– A consortium (two or more parties) has been successful on a winning a contract.

– Forming a joint venture.

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